About Me/Contact

Hi, I’m Miriam and I set up this website in late 2013 in order to fill a hole I found on the internet. 6 months prior my dear God Mother passed away, and it was decided we would mark here being with a memorial plaque of some sort in the village that she lived. I searched high and low for information regarding what was and wasn’t possible, as well as what options were available. I couldn’t find the information I wanted so I decided to put this website together.


It was originally only meant to have one page on it, but since then I have added a number of further pages in response to emails and comments I have received (this explains their slightly random nature 🙂 ). If you wish for me to address anything else related to memorial plaques, please email me at miriam@memorialplaquesinfo.co.uk


Thank you for looking at my site,


Miriam x

**Please note that this website is run as a hobby. It does not generate any income and is not a business. I have a completely separate full time job unfortunately 🙁 **